Web and C++ Engineer

 “Today our community of around 1600 IT professionals and engineers believes – along with me – that evosoft is the place for us. Our colleagues in Budapest, Miskolc and Szeged are busy writing software which, although invisible to the naked eye, can fundamentally influence our everyday lives. You will come across our software in the largest medical equipment, along countless railway lines, not to mention that the automation systems of the greatest car manufacturers are driven by our code and you can even find us in electric cars. There are hardly any areas of industry where the programs tested or developed by me or my colleagues are not present. evosoft, in its full name evosoft Hungary Kft. started off with 3 members more than 20 years ago. As of today our headcount has reached the 1600 employee level, and it is increasing – be part of our team! I know you are facing a tough decision, but I am here to help you: visit our website, which contains two videos on the right-hand side of the front page (below, for mobiles).

These were made by us, telling our story. Check it out!”

We are looking for  a new colleague who will join our office in Budapest

C++ Engineer (Embedded Web server)


The main scope of the project is the development of a web application to configure drives mainly used in the field of industrial automation.



  • Contribution to the development of a webserver as a part of an embedded drive platform for efficient commissioning, diagnosis and maintenance of the drive
  • Active participation in an agile team
  • Communication with colleagues working on other locations abroad in English and/or German language



  • Upper level degree (primarily in the field of electrical engineering or informatics)
  • C/C++ knowledge
  • Experience regarding the development of client-server applications
  • English knowledge on a conversational level



  • Experience regarding the usage of integrated development environment (e.g. Eclipse, Visual Studio)
  • Good problem solving and analytic skills
  • Experience in the field of embedded development
  • Technical web and scripting knowledge
  • Experience regarding agile development models
  • Drive knowhow
  • Version control knowhow
  • Linux experience
  • Basic shell scripting skills (Perl, Python)
  • German knowledge


Jelentkezz az alábbi linkre kattintva: https://karrier.evosoft.hu/register

További kérdés esetén, fordulj hozzám bizalommal a következő telefonszámon: +36 70 519 6350


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