Data Analyst / Data Scientist

Would you like to apply the latest Data Science technologies in order to build the future of industry?


We are looking for Data Analysts / Scientists to join our team, who love data, love IT and are passionate about applying data analysis and technology to improve solutions.


You are the best candidate if you …


  • have good analytical, mathematical and algorythmic skills, can look through the data and find the conclusions,
  • have minimum 2 years experience in the same role
  • can translate your conclusions into software solutions and documentation, 
  • have critical thinking, are precise and vigilant,
  • are familiar with at least one programming language from the followings: Python, C++, Java, R, Scala,
  • have at least four years of proven experience in the field of data analytics,
  • are willing to share your data analytics knowledge and mentor other colleagues.


Apply to this job in case you would like to …


  • manage the way how data defines solutions,
  • work on various international projects in different industry segments (including automation, drive technologies and healthcare)
  • act as an expert and consultant for strategic projects of Siemens,
  • apply your data science and IT skills for creating state-of-the-art industry software,
  • be a member of a great team in one of Hungary’s leading software companies
  • explore new areas, continuously extend your knowledge and develop your skills further


What you can expect from us is …


  • to work on the strategic innovation topics of Europe's leading industrial group
  • a skillfull international team
  • an attractive benefit package
  • the continuous training and development opportunities



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További kérdés esetén fordulj hozzánk bizalommal a +36 30 548 9994 telefonszámon.


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